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Supporting Care Services to help you through a CQC inspection

Supporting care services

By Rebecca Brooks, Senior Business Development Manager - Apprenticeships

Whether you are an aspiring Care Service provider, at the beginning your career in the care sector, or a manager, developing, inspiring, motivating your teams towards individual and group success, gaining relevant knowledge, experience and various qualifications are imperative to achieving this.

One of the 5 questions the CQC ask all Care Services as part of their inspection is

“Are they well led?”

Well-led: the leadership, management and governance of the organisation make sure it's providing high-quality care that's based around your individual needs, that it encourages learning and innovation, and that it promotes an open and fair culture. Understanding how to achieve this is imperative to achieving the top rating of ‘Good.’

Source: official CQC website on what is asked in an inspection -

Here at CareShield, our team of industry experts can work with you to support a business or an individual in gaining the qualifications and training needed to perform in their job role and contribute to the goal of achieving a positive outcome at CQC inspection.

Not only that but we can guide you to the funding available to reduce costs involved in staff development. This could be through Apprenticeship funding or the current additional funding available through the Workforce Development Fund from Skills for Care. Utilising this current (available for a limited time) workforce development fund means that you could possibly cover all costs involved in supporting your staff to achieving industry recognised qualifications.

Training and Development can seem overwhelming – especially to a new starter or to a busy manager. Digitising your training can be one solution to help care service individuals and managers keep up to date with training and reduce any feelings of being overwhelmed. Our MYRUS platform can un-complicate your E-Learning needs and our MAPP (brand new Apprenticeship portal) can provide Learners and Managers with a clear and real-time understanding at any point of where they are in their learning journey.

CareShield are here for you. Whether its Apprenticeships, E-Learning, Face to Face, mandatory training or more. Please contact our team for more information or guidance.

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