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Health and Social Care

Your key to staff retention, satisfaction, and operational success in Health and Social Care

Are traditional training methods hindering your progress? Struggling to capture and retain skills with the ever-changing care industry landscape? BroadShield Workforce Development will help you redefine and deliver on your organisational learning and development objectives.

At BroadShield, we take an integrated approach to workforce development in order to cater to every skill level, stage of career and promote organisational excellence. Delivered by our flagship tool, Myrus, we have created a comprehensive learning ecosystem that nurtures talent, empowers teams, and sets you on the road to greater knowledge, skills and behaviors ensuring cost effective retention, recruitment and engagement.

We understand that "one-size-fits-all" is not strictly true. The organisations we work with are as individual as the clients they support and can work in very different ways to each other.

The benefit of the Myrus platform is that it is extremely adaptable and easily configured to work the way you and your team want to work.


However, we do recognize that, sometimes, there are requirements that are unique to a client and we are happy to meet those requirements where possible. 

Visit our pricing pages to find the right package to suit your objectives or click the eLearning, Competence Management, Performance Management and Face-to-Face training icons below to see how each component of the BroadShield Workforce Development toolkit can benefit your organisation.

Team development
  • Retention through empowerment

  • Satisfaction for success

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Operational excellence

  • Customisation by job role

  • Promoting a culture of growth

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“The support team are readily available to assist our staff as promised and Lauren in particular is an irreplaceable jewel in their crown, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.”

Gemma Daynes – Learning & Development Officer at  United Response

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