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Education: Faculty Staff Development

Myrus Performance Management gives you a digital tool to set and measure KPIs and objectives, completing the knowledge, skills and behaviours trilogy for Myrus as a comprehensive Human Resources package.

  • Store all performance records in one place

  • Access anywhere with an internet-enabled device

  • Quickly see completed and scheduled meetings

  • View previous meeting records before and during your next meeting

  • Use BroadShield workflow templates or customise your own

To see Myrus Performance Management in action watch the video below or call 0345 880 1818 and we will be happy to set up a quick demonstration through our HR Platform - Myrus.

Myrus Performance Management Tool v4 (1)
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Organisational outcomes:

  • Performance management

  • Risk management

  • Talent management

  • Succession planning


People outcomes:

  • Engaged staff and Managers

  • Retention

​Myrus Performance Management tool is designed to help your staff and Managers work together, through regular One-to-Ones or appraisals, to ensure that acceptable capabilities and performance standards are consistently met.


The Performance Management module facilitates the setting of and agreeing on appropriate objectives, KPIs and clear role expectations, identifying necessary learning and developmental needs.

Helping to maintain regular communication and feedback. Myrus enables you and your team to effectively plan, monitor and review objectives and overall contribution to your services.

Performance management in care
Performance Management

​Keep all of your performance information in one place without the need for paper forms or large amounts of storage space.


Authorised personnel can access their own and their teams' performance records through the Myrus portal, from any device that has an internet connection and a browser. 

There are standard workflow templates built into Myrus including:

  • Meeting preparation instructions

  • Staff questions

  • Performance ratings (staff and manager)

  • Training record

  • Meeting discussion notes (Face-to-face or remote)

  • Actions and evidence

  • Sign off

But the great news is that these workflows can be customised to suit your organisation's own working practices mapped into Myrus.

To see Myrus Performance Management in action please click on "Book a demonstration" above or call 0345 880 1818.

Myrus development

At BroadShield we understand that "one-size-fits-all" is not strictly true.


The organisations we work with are as individual as the clients they support and can work in very different ways to each other.

The benefit of the Myrus platform is that it is extremely adaptable and easily configured to work the way you and your team want to work.

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