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Workforce development through digital innovation

BroadShield is a market leader in developing and delivering technologically enhanced solutions to upskill your organisation. Through our innovative technology and unsurpassed customer support, we assist large and small organisations like yours to reach their goals and potential by developing and maintaining a highly skilled workforce. Call us on 0345 880 1818 or chat with us today to learn how.

Digital personell records

Empowerment Through Innovation

At BroadShield, we imagine a future where digital innovation is at the heart of workforce excellence.

Our goal is simple:
to digitise, elevate, and excel, empowering organisations worldwide with compliance, performance, and competence.


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eLearning on a laptop

Personalised Learning Experiences

Tailor learning with Myrus by defining organisational objectives, role requirements and individual learning styles, ensuring maximum comprehension, competence, performance and retention.

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Bold innovation

Why BroadShield?

We innovate boldly to meet customers’ changing needs, encouraging our teams to think creatively.

We treat everyone with respect, valuing their contributions.

Ownership is central to our culture; we take
responsibility for achieving results.

We believe in accountability, trust, and

By delivering high-quality services consistently, we aim to satisfy our customers and excel in everything we do.
Together with our partners, clients and teams, we’re reshaping workforce development.

Through collaboration, innovation, and a dedication to excellence, BroadShield is leading the way towards a digitally empowered future of work.​

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“Since joining BroadShield we have had so much support to get us to where we are now. The team has dealt with every request of ours in super quick time - nothing has ever been too much. 

If people are considering a new Learning Management system, I would highly recommend this software but most of all I'd recommend this product due to the customer service you receive. It's top notch."

Adam Wells, Chief Operating Officer, Forge Care Homes for Children

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