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Myrus Workforce Development – More than a simple LMS

Someone using CareShield Workforce Development platform across two computer screens

Workforce Development Platform

How do you ensure your staff is nurtured in the right way? The answer is simple: utilise a comprehensive, cost-effective, easy-to-use workforce development platform.

Implementing a comprehensive learning and development strategy can unlock employee potential, increase engagement, reduce turnover, boost profits, and improve job satisfaction, ultimately leading to a more adaptable and resilient business.

With eLearning course completion, competency assessment, performance management and face-to-face training, all located in one tidy place, Myrus is your one-stop-shop for meeting all required reporting standards and achieving learning objectives for your organisation.

Myrus eLearning

Myrus provides a variety of innovative courses, including mandatory and statutory training, to enhance your learners' skills, knowledge, and confidence.

The platform offers engaging course materials to ensure thorough training and increase job satisfaction. eLearning provides flexibility, allowing learners to conveniently access course materials from anywhere with internet access, making it ideal for those balancing education with work and personal obligations.

Not to mention, it offers course assessments, real-time reporting, and progress monitoring, ensuring you meet the requirements of CQC standards with ease. By Myrus handling these tasks, you can wave goodbye to tedious paperwork, keeping those precious hours and coins safely tucked away in your pocket.

Myrus Competence Management

Myrus has got your back when it comes to keeping tabs on the competency of your staff and the organisation.

From sleek recording to reliable reporting, you'll be able to easily manage everyone's competency levels with a few clicks. Plus, with management sign-off permissions, you can be confident knowing that staff have been observed by qualified personnel.

Myrus Performance Management

Level up your team's performance with our Myrus Performance Management Tool! It's the ultimate platform to boost teamwork and collaboration between managers and staff. Keep everyone on the same page with regular One-to-Ones and appraisals, making sure that performance standards are met.

With the Performance Management module, you can set objectives, and KPIs, and establish role expectations. Plus, identify any learning and developmental needs to make sure your team is always on the fast track to success. Myrus makes it easy to communicate and provide feedback so you can watch your team achieve their objectives in no time.

Face-to-Face Training

CareShield's in-person and online virtual training is delivered by our highly knowledgeable and experienced tutors, who strive to establish an informative and engaging environment. Our tutors are experts in providing training that is tailored to the various levels of knowledge and responsibility of the attendees.

Here are the available categories for training courses:

  • Virtual Face-to-Face (1d) – online courses run by a tutor in real-time

  • In-person Face-to-Face (1d) – courses run by a tutor, usually at the client's own venue

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