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Nurse Revalidation Tool

For just over a year now, all registered nurses have been required to follow a revalidation process to maintain their registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). All nurses, no matter where they work are required to do this.

Keeping track on where your nurses are in this process can be time consuming and cumbersome, that’s why CareShield offers a Nurse Revalidation Tool as part of Myrus.

For employers, it provides you with a complete 360 degree view of your nursing staff. Highlighting how many staff are registered, at what stage they are on the revalidation cycle and whether they are on track using a simple view. Your documentation will always be up to date and ready should you need to provide evidence as part of an employer review.

How Does It Work?
We have designed the system to be as simple to use as possible for both employers and nurses. You decide how many licenses you think you require, These are charged depending on volume. Your nursing staff can then start using the NRT to store their revalidation evidence and track their progress, keep track of their revalidation evidence and plan for their revalidation date. Once you have reached your license limit, you will need to purchase additional licences. These can be obtained at the rates specified in your contract. 

What tracking does CareShield Revalidation system provide?

For employers, the Myrus system will provide you with up to date and accurate reporting of your nursing staff and their revalidation progress:-

  • How many staff registered on the system
  • When revalidations are due
  • How many completed revalidations
  • Users that have passed revalidation date
  • Revalidation Report

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