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A five day programme for social care leaders and managers

Our leadership programme has been designed by Skills for Care for staff to develop their leadership and management potential.

It is a great opportunity for companies to identify future leaders, support succession planning and demonstrate commitment to the development of staff.

The course isn’t only for managers, it’s for all potential leaders, whether it’s in their job title or not. This programme will inspire employees to be mindful and accountable for their actions. From their first day of training they will be able to identify how their actions can impact their teams, service users and their families and how they can inspire others regardless of their position.

The programme is designed around the Manager Induction Standards and the specifications for the Level 4 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management in Adult Care and will allow delegates to meet some of the learning outcomes of the MIS and start to build an evidence portfolio to develop further for their Level 4 Certificate.

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Who is this course for?

  • Any healthcare professional who displays leadership qualities

What will I learn?

The aim of the course is to support aspiring managers to boost their capacity to lead and manage effectively and ensure the smooth running of adult social care services.

The following topics are delivered through interactive, informative class based training days, giving delegates the opportunity to share best practice and learn from both the trainer and their peers.

  • Session 1:    Successful behaviours for leaders and managers
  • Session 2:    Developing a positive culture
  • Session 3:    Effective supervision
  • Session 4:    Leading and managing the process of change
  • Session 5:    Leading and managing the inspection process

Benefits of the programme

  • Aligned with the Managers Induction Standards and L4 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management in Adult Care
  • Gain valuable knowledge and share best practice with peers
  • Support teambuilding and confidence
  • Identify rising stars and establish career pathways for them
  • Assist with succession planning and develop a pool of potential leaders to call upon if and when needed
  • Demonstrate a commitment to effective leadership and staff development
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness in the workforce
  • Improve staff satisfaction and retention, and releases staff potential

Here’s what our delegates say

“Brilliant and insightful” Elite Care Solutions

“Excellently delivered at the right pace in an easily understandable format” Home Instead

“Very good session, always learning new things during this course” Community Integrated Care

“I feel a lot more supported, knowledgeable and confident. Fantastic trainer, group participation and experience” Citizenship First

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