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Why CareShield?

Technology is creating a paradigm shift in the way that learning is achieved in the workforce and we are proud to be pioneering the way ahead.

Research indicates that learners retain just:

  •  10% of what they read
  •  30% of what they see
  •  50% of what they see and hear
  •  and 90% of what they act on (refs 1, 2 & 3).

So, it makes sense that knowledge transfer and memory retention increases with higher levels interactivity (ref 4), which is why our blended approach to learning is gaining so much success.

Our extensive library of online learning and bespoke blended training solutions, facilitate quick, effective and high quality training to large organisations and individual employees. Moreover, we are able to tailor existing training to meet the unique organisational learning needs, whilst simultaneously increasing efficiency of training reporting, monitoring and assessment.

Over the years we have gained the trust of our clients, successfully working with many of the leading Health and Social Care organisations with the UK. 

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