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The CareShield Care Certificate solution provides a simple approach to learning the 15 standards and recording observations using our interactive workbook (iWorkbook). Our courses are mapped to the Skills for Care Mandations.  

  • Convey underpinning knowledge mapped to the Care Certificate standards.

  • Collate and store evidence of observations and practical skills. 

  • Manage and track staff competency sign off and knowledge testing.

  • See at-a-glance which Care Certificate standards a learner has completed and/or needs support with.

  • At the touch of a button view which standards have been signed off by Assessors.

  • Run detailed reports to provide evidence for your audit team or the CQC.

  • If you are having challenges managing your Assessor community our activity
    tracking module will 
    save you time & energy!

  • See how Care Certificate evidence can be mapped to further qualifications. 

How does it work?

Firstly, CareShield’s online learning delivers the knowledge elements of the standards, resulting in a sound theoretical understanding of processes, procedures, legislation and concepts.

Secondly, the iWorkbook prompts learners to demonstrate and record their ability to perform practical tasks safely, effectively and efficiently. This can be through a supervision or observation, discussion or other means. An occupationally competent assessor must observe these activities and confirm that each competence outcome has been achieved to an acceptable standard. The assessor signs off each activity, also within the interactive workbook.


If you are looking for a blended solution where Basic Life Support and Moving and Handling are delivered in a workshop session on site give us a call on: 0345 880 1818 or click here to automatically email our Team. 

The interactive workbook displays learner progress and assessor activity both at-a-glance and in detail. As all of the records are held digitally you can still report on them in the same way as you would any other online learning courses, making compliance and progress reporting quick and easy. Managers can easily run detailed reports to provide evidence for regulators using our intuitive learning platform. 

Managing Assessors

Our Assessor Management dashboard takes away the challenge of managing your internal or external assessor community 

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